Modern technologies are our passion. We offer many years of experience and a full set of competencies in order to transform your vision into a reliable product.

Dedicated systems

We specialise in creating systems for businesses designed, implemented and realised consistent with unique requirements and needs of a Client. Our solutions are made by an experienced team based on proven design and technological patterns, owing to which Client get a flexible system, open to the development of functionalities, an increase in the number of users and integration with solutions of external suppliers.


Our architects and designers select optimal technologies and tools in the context of requirements and intended use of an application. Bearing in mind a factor of time and a reduction in costs of the Client, we also take advantages of the open source type solutions and tools. Apart from specifying basic requirements, analysts suggest solutions optimising ergonomics and the efficiency of operation of an application. We carry out a number of tests during each production stage to ensure reliability of commissioned products. We make all important design decisions together with a Client and during the project we iteratively present sets of ready-made functionalities. We know that products manufactured together best reflect the Client's expectations.

Features of our products

Low costs of implementation and maintenance, high scalability and efficiency, possibility to implement business tasks and processes at any time and, above all, a high level of quality are the main features of applications manufactured by us. Our solutions are fully responsive (optimised to different resolutions) and adapted to mobile devices. Regardless of whether we are implementing modules of a powerful system for public administration, or an innovative start-up, the Client’s satisfaction is the most important for us.

SLA dedicated to the needs of your organisation. Trust 10-year experience in maintenance and development of IT systems for public administration.

As part of the service related to the maintenance and development of large IT systems, we ensure maintenance of ready-made solutions manufactured by us or by external companies based on an SLA dedicated agreement. We specialise in the 2 nd and 3 rd line of support. Many years of experience in maintenance of solutions mainly for public administration allows us to provide the Clients with high quality of offered services in areas critical in terms of business.
We offer the following as far as maintenance services of systems are concerned
  • Services of removal of defects
  • Services of extension and modification of maintained systems resulting from the Client's needs or changes in law
  • Services of administration of systems and configuration management
  • Services of application testingServices of consultations performed by specialised consultants
By entrusting us with the system maintenance, our Clients obtain a guarantee of quality and time of repair (SLA). The maintenance is performed by a stable team of experienced specialists from different IT domains with the use of the latest technologies as well as developed and effective methodologies. Any changes in our Clients' systems are introduced in a controlled and safe manner. Our primary aim is to implement a Client's expectations by ensuring effective reduction in the costs of the system maintenance and high quality of service resulting from experience and competencies of our specialists.

Invest in innovative mobile solutions. Minimise the costs, extend the offer and acquire new Clients.

We create dedicated business, educational and entertainment applications for tablets and smartphones. We implement software, according to Clients' projects or suggest our own solutions adjusted to real business needs. Owing to many years of experience in the integration of IT solutions, we are specialists in mobile extensions of existing IT services. It is important for us to enter into a long-lasting cooperation with a Client, and in connection with this we offer creative solutions, precise execution and post-implementation support.


A team of designers will recommend optimum technologies and a manner of distribution. Analysts will suggest ergonomic functional solutions, and graphic designers modern graphic cover. At the Client's request, we will carry out internal training courses making it possible to effectively use the potential of applications delivered. We pays great attention to tests and usability, owing to which we deliver high-quality products with a legible, convenient and graphically attractive interface.

We support our Clients at each stage of creation of the software. Choose proven competencies.

Our offer includes specific and proven skills of specialists such as architects, designers, programmers and testers. We are constantly broadening our knowledge and competencies, and exploring the latest technologies in order to in a professional way meet challenges posed by our Clients. We have wide experience in the IT industry gained during the implementation of projects for the publicadministration sector and large organisations. We adapt the cooperation scale to the needs of Clients. We offer both temporary strengthening a designing team, and ensuring comprehensive service of the implementation of a system or a software module. Outsourcing of our specialists means access to top competencies, meeting set dates and reliability of software.

Team Leasing

Do you need a proven designing team?

We offer designing teams along with a dedicated team leader responsible for communication, dates and quality of services delivered. We provide a possibility to adjust the team size throughout the project and an appropriate structure so that tasks are implemented according to the competencies and the level of knowledge of its particular members. We carry out a number of quality tests in order to hand over reliable products. Our advantage is that, we offer teams of experienced and well- coordinated specialists who have been working with each other already when implementing many projects, which guarantees effective and prompt completion of tasks. Transfer the responsibility for the project implementation to Puretech.

Body Leasing

Do you want to strengthen your own team with experienced specialists?

This form of cooperation provides flexibility, no formalities, but above all time saving because the project is implemented by experienced professionals. We adjust competencies and the level of knowledge of specialists according to project tasks, owing to which our Clients pay exactly for what they need. We monitor work of our experts and where necessary support with knowledge of the entire team. We do not employ casual people, we contribute high technological competencies and quality to a project.

Right People – Right Solutions. Build a system using the experience gained with the largest Polish projects.

As a part of the services of designing architecture of IT systems, we provide wide competencies of our specialists which include the following systems:
  • new or expanded (integration)
  • multi-layer and distributed
  • service-based (SOA)
  • process (BPM)
  • in cloud
  • mobile
We design such aspects of systems as a technological stack, safety, continuity of operations, future development directions (we develop solutions open to future integration) taking into account the costs of manufacturing a system and its future production use. We prepare documentation in accordance with the UML, BMM, BPMN notation standards (taking into account flows of data and a number of other relations between applications). We use proven architectural and technological patterns, ensuring flexible and scalable solutions adapted to the size and the needs of an organisation of the Client. Our experts formed a core of architectural teams designing systems for the public sector, for example, such as ZSZIK, OFSA (ARiMR) and CEPIK (MSWiA), they have hundreds of hours worked during the integration of systems and in addition they have a passion for latest technologies. If you need a reliable system - take advantage of our experience when designing own solution.

Quality is the success key factor. We offer knowledge, experience and tools to ensure reliability of your products.

We have at our disposal a team with specialised knowledge and many years of experience in the field of carrying out tests of IT systems. We offer services in:
  • automation of tests (regression, integration, efficiency, load, safety tests automated by the tools Selenium, jMeter, Microsoft UI Tests, etc.)
  • Client support during acceptance tests – UAT (Preparation of test plans, acceptance procedures and reporting faults and coordination of implementations of amendments)
  • manual functional and non-functional software tests (functional tests of compliance with requirements and good practices, integration tests and non-functional tests including such matters as safety, usability, compatibility)
The process of testing includes a number of activities such as defining the scope of tests, setting acceptance criteria, determining data and test paths, preparing test environments, and then thesystem validation and detection of defects with the use of relevant methods and tools. After each carried out audit, a report is delivered by us with the list of faults with the division into functional areas and the list of recommendations optimising the system. The process ends with the validation of implemented amendments. Our services significantly shorten the time of launching the product and minimise the risk of blocking defects. Choose the reliability of IT products.