Reliable solutions ideally fitted to the needs of your Company.

We specialise in delivering “custom made” solutions in the Java technology. We start designing systems with a thorough analysis of business processes which occur in the Client’s Company, examination of needs and requirements as well as determination of gains that will be derived by the system recipients. We work in iterations, at each stage giving a set of operating functionalities meeting the requirements of a Client. Owing to such an attitude the Client has the opportunity to monitor the progress of works, to report comments and to determine priorities of subsequent tasks on a current basis. Products implemented together are ideally selected for the needs, are effective in operation and straightforward to use. Many years of experience, knowledge of a wide range of technologies, inventive solutions and effectiveness - we create solutions bringing gains.

"The Puretech team demonstrated great commitment and was open to our suggestions and comments throughout the whole duration of the project. Special attention should be paid to open and flexible approach of Puretech employees to changing during the project requirements concerning the product being prepared. We recommend Puretech as a reliable and recommendable Partner."

Marcin Preś IFS Project Manager IFS Industrial and Financial System Poland

Effectiveness and experience - Also your organisation may take advantage of our specialists' knowledge.

We have many years of experience of creating dedicated solutions for government administration and local-government units as well as other public institutions. As a subcontractor, we created modules of, for example, such systems as IACS, ZSZIK, OFSA, PROW for the Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture, CEPIK for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration and IT system for the Guarantee Insurance Fund. Our specialists participated in projects for the SocialSecurity Office (ZUS), the Ministry of Justice and the Capital City of Warsaw.

"PURETECH, on time and with all due diligence, developed a model of software repository for the Social Security Office (ZUS) and installed it on a selected platform."

Adam Twarowski Director of Public Procurement Department of Social Security Office

"PURETECH performed the subject matter of the contract in accordance with its provisions."

Tomasz Myśliński Director of Geodesy and Cadastre Office Geodesist of the Capital City of Warsaw

Trust the Experts – unnecessary costs are reduced by practice.

We together with you will choose an optimal way of implementation of the project. Our consultants will recommend and choose the best technologies on the market. We will point out an opportunity to adjust and integrate free solutions existing on the market. Owing to the Agile practice, we will efficiently issue the MVP version with optimal functionality, with lower costs, and maximum usability for potential clients. In the case of projects under way, we will carry out a technology audit, functional and efficiency tests, we will determine current condition of a product, show the simplest way to success.

"Positive energy, competent and full of innovative ideas engineers, an application delivered on a date agreed. We have different experiences with programming companies, with PureTech, cooperation went well. If you need a company that will ask proper questions, that will give you a piece of advice as well as that will implement your project quickly and correctly, you have got the right company."

Grzegorz Oboda CEO

Know-how, experience, latest trends and technologies – professional support for your Company.

We have at our disposal an interdisciplinary team of experienced specialists which includes programmers, designers, software architects, business analysts and quality specialists. We perform of function of a responsible partner enabling to deliver advanced IT solutions on time. We offer cooperation both in the form of supplementing a designing team and providing comprehensive service of a selected application, module, business process. We also provide system maintenance services within the scope of the 2 nd and the 3 rd line of support. Comprehensive service, many years of experience, access to know – how expect a specific result, leave it for us to implement it.

"PURETECH makes for us an employees portal modules which extend functions of the ERP system of which we are themanufacturer and supplier. The solution is implemented, among others, at higher education institutions, units and hospitals as well as in private companies. It is used by thousands of employees every day. I am satisfied with the effects of our cooperation. PureTech is a sound supplier with specialists having high qualifications."